Nepal Manpower is a leading HR professional management organization in Nepal, which has been providing overseas recruitment services to clients in Asia Pacific, Middle East and European regions; Malaysia, Japan, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, UK, Romania, Croatia, Serbia......

    Recruitment According to our Client's Need:

  • Unskilled
  • Semi-skilled
  • Skilled
  • Professional

    On Different Field:

  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Beauty Service Sector
  • Delivery Service Industry; Drivers.....and many more
  • Security Service Industry; Security Guards


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Demand Letter

An original copy of Demand Letter from the foreign employer containing details of required number, category and salary offered accordingly attested by the Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the respective country and Royal Nepal Embassy if available in the country.

Guarantee Letter

An original copy of Guarantee Letter accordingly signed by employer and attested by the Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the respective country and Royal Nepal Embassy if available.

Agency Agreement

An original copy of Agency Agreement from the foreign employer containing details of required number, category and salary offered accordingly attested by the Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the respective country and Royal Nepal Embassy if available in the country.

Power of Attorney

An original copy of Power of Attorney from the foreign employer containing details of required number, category and salary offered accordingly attested by the Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the respective country and Royal Nepal Embassy if available in the country.

Recruitment Process

Our well qualified and experienced consultants and experts are assigned for the thorough inspection of the application at various stages making the process reliable

Sourcing method

Owing to our extensive client list and the nature and scale of projects we have been and are associated with, we have several candidates registering themselves with us everyday, via our online career portal, fax, e-mail or by walk in. This information is collated, sorted and saved in a professionally managed and updated databank that provides a vast source of resources that can be easily accessed.

For specific client requirements, we regularly advertise in the leading local newspapers after getting the required documents for Labour Ministry permission. Responses we receive from these exercises undergo a preliminary short listing. Candidates are then contacted and asked to come in for an assessment by our technical consultants..

Methods of authenticating applicant qualifications

We are well networked with all the top educational institutions within the regions we source personnel form, enabling us to verify applicant qualifications. This ensures that the candidates selected based on their qualification and experience can cope with the job requirement, if not exceed expectations.

Testing for Engineers, Supervisors, Foreman, Technicians & Skilled Workers

For the above categories, we have implemented a stringent aptitude and attitude test that includes a technical questionnaire. Candidates are required to score a minimum of 75% on this test to qualify for the next round of assessment. This ensures that the candidates we select have a high level of proficiency in their respective fields, assuring clients of the quality standards we conform to.

Screening & Short-listing by Technical Consultants

All screening and assessment for the databank or final round of interviews is conducted by our highly experienced technical consultants and if required, candidates are sent for trade-testing. Short-listed applicants are graded on their professional and general knowledge, presentation and attitude.

Final Selection by Clients

Once candidates have been selected for the final round of interviews, their applications are presented to the client for final selection. If required, we can carry out the final selection process on behalf of the client, based on a detailed brief on the requirements from the client.

Our selection process follows rigorous theoretical and practical trade tests, ensuring that candidates are qualified only on merit. Official trade test reports can also be provided if required.

Medical Examination Facilities

We undertake conducting the necessary medical examinations for candidates and doctors are registered with medical institutions that are approved by the consulate of the country that the candidate is recruited for. This minimizes paperwork for our clients, making the recruitment process more convenient.

Mobilization Period

A minimum of two weeks is required, to mobilize candidates after selection and receipt of visa for actual deployment. Your visit in our office for more information will be highly praised.

Deployment Procedure

Documents Needed from Your Company for Processing and Accreditation with Our Ministry of Labour (MOL)

  • Original Visa Advice
  • Consulate Letter
  • Demand Letter
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Duel Employment Contracts
  • Bloc Visa or Visa Quota
  • Copy of Company Registration or Photocopy of Employers Passport (for individual employer)

Manpower Pooling

Upon an acquisition of your manpower request prior to the receipt of the requirements listed in item 1 above, we will begin the pooling of the contract workers. Aside from our present pool, possible shortage may be aided with the following procedures:

  • Print and Broadcast Media Advertisement
  • On-the-spot-sourcing (City and Provincial)
  • Our Highly Qualified Agents
  • Recommended Personnel

Selection of Contract Workersr

The mode of selection of contract workers may be executed under the following procedures: Selection by Employer or through his Authorized Representative: By this routine, the Employer or is authorized representative may conduct personal interview here in company's office and finally select the most competent workers from our manpower reserve. Transmittal of Resumes: Your Company may require us to send to you the Resumes of all Prospective candidates who pass the pre-qualification interview and testing conducted at our end. In such cases, the name of the successful candidates may be relayed to us via phone or fax or email.

Full Documentation Assistance for Selected Candidates

We provide the selected applicants assistance in securing the travel documents required by both Labour Office and Embassy, like Trade Test, Authenticated credentials, Passport, Police Clearance, Medical Certificate, Overseas Employment Certificate and Exit Pass. This will also include Pre-departure Orientation Seminar wherein the worker will have to undergo a comprehensive briefing on the working and living condition, customs and tradition, laws and regulations in the country of destination.

Periodic Progress Report

Update report on status of the workers travel paper shall be transmitted to the employer regularly. Flight details shall be furnished one day before departure to ensure that somebody from the employers part will assist the arriving staff at the airport of destination.


Our duty is sending only the well-selected and competent applicants in order to meet the job requirements of its employer. However, there are causes beyond control that the contracted worker repatriated, within three (3) months probationary period, our company guarantee the workers capabilities primarily their physical, mental and technical-know-how. To this point, we will appreciate very much to hear from you and upon your request, we will send more detailed information on the prevailing salary and other terms and conditions for your reference.

Communication with Customer

We usually communicate with our customers through different means and methods such as phone, fax, DHL and electronic mail and the address is available on the contact us page.

Visa Processing


The principal will furnish us with a power of Attorney duly authorizing it to carry on the supply of Nepalese Manpower, including meeting up all the necessary formalities as regards to passports, visa from respective Embassies, Medical Check-up etc. which are directly connected with the trade. The power of Attorney must be attested by the Nepal Embassy existing in the country of employment and endorsed by its Chamber of Commerce & Industry/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The Principal will issue Letter of Authority in favour of the agent addressed to the Consulate General of the concerned Embassy in Nepal intimating him that we are appointed as their Manpower Recruiting Agent which is fully authorized to deal with all visa matters, submission and delivery, with the said Embassy, mentioning the visa number and the date of issue etc. in the letter.


The Visa Advice, also duly endorsed and attested as stated above should reach the concerned Embassy, a photocopy of which should simultaneously reach us for its presentation to the concerned Embassy.


The Principal will formally issue Demand Letter in favour of our company in which following should clearly be stated: the job categories, number of workers required category-wish, monthly salaries stating name of currency, period of contract and other amenities for workers at site such as Food, Medical Treatment and Accommodation, which in most cases, are provided free of cost or alternatively allowance payable in lieu thereof. This Demand Letter must be duly endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the Embassy of the Peoples Republic of Nepal existing in the country of employment.


  • Selection: Always an updated data bank is maintained with processed information on workers: professionals, skilled, semiskilled, unskilled labour for ready consideration. Regular trade-tests and interviews are conducted to determine grade, qualifications, possession of certificates, license, training, experience etc. At least 50% of more than the required number of candidates is primarily selected to ensure most appropriate final recruitment. A thousand personnel in different categories can well be selected in a week, including trade tests.
  • Trade Test: Trade test, both theoretical and practical are conducted by competent testing broad and committee consisting of professionals, experts and instructors at the concerns Trade Test Centers. The tests include: theoretical knowledge including knowledge of language, small loan handling, identification of position and handling of tools pertinent to trade, identification of equipment and material used and practical details of trade workmanship. These enable prompt recruitment of right person for specific job and save the honorable client from embarrassment of rejection and wastage of time. The following categories are always available with us. The concern is also capable of recruiting any number of other categories beyond on demand.
  • Issue of Passport: Regular and correct passport is obviously important for personnel going to obtain it. But with instruction from the government to the passport authority for quick action in this case, on special recommendation, a passport may be issued with in 48 hours.
  • Medical Check Up: A medical board, including psychiatrists, conducts check-up of selected candidates. Candidates are sent to the doctor / hospital / clinic nominated by the embassy of the respective country which is approved by the Nepal Government medical board as advised by the employer, for the examination.
  • Execution of Contract: We will arrange for the execution of contract between the employer and the employees on behalf of the employer on receipt of due authorization from the esteemed employer.
  • Endorsement of VISA / NOC: We will arranges for obtaining Visa / NOC from concerned embassy as soon as possible on receipt of authenticated Power of Attorney from the employer / Principal.
  • Govt. Clearance / Immigration Clearance: The Visa / NOC received, by our own efforts obtains immigration clearance for the expatriate from the concerned authorities at the earlier.
  • Ticketing: If Pre-paid Ticket Advice (PTA) is not provided by the principal, Our Company will arrange for tickets for the expatriates through its allied / approved travel agencies.
  • Orientation: Orientation is most important factor for adapting the conditions theyre going to serve in, in all cases. The concern orients them to maintain understanding and cordiality among themselves, overcoming barriers of nationality, language and culture and above all, to abide the law of the land of their employment. It orients them to maintain a good employee-employer relation under any circumstance. They are motivated to mind their duties above everything and that a better performance only would bring them the envisaged benefit.
  • Replacement: Any person technically found unfit within one month from the date of arrival, will be replaced free of all charges as per contract including air ticket if already paid by clients or the amount involved will be refunded to the clients if the Visa is not available or will be adjusted against our account with employers. This replacement is not applicable in case where the selection of workers is made by the employers. Hence we dont stand for any technical guarantee.


The Japan International Trainee & Skilled Worker Cooperation Organization (JITCO)is a public interest incorporated foundation with purpose is to promote the acceptance of foreign nationals, such as technical intern trainees and foreigners with specified skills, and to contribute to the development of the international economic community.

Nepal is a part of this program. JITCO licence is provided and regulated by Department of Foreign Employment in Nepal. Nepal Manpower has also acquired JITCO licence in consistency with law and is eligible to provide required manpower under JITCO program.

Working categories are titp (Technical Intern Trainee Program) and ssw (Specified Skilled Worker) as set by Nepalese and Japanese government agreement. The procedure is as follows:

  • We assemble the required categories after receiving demand letter (Required documents fro demand letter is provided below).
  • Selected candidates are required to submit documents for COE process along with medical report which is sent to company in Japan for the process.
  • After receiving COE, documents are sent to Japanese Embassy for visa stamping.
  • Employment permit from Nepalese government is taken after receiving visa.
  • Candidates take the flight.



Following papers should submitted to attest the demand letter

  • 1.Request letter (application requesting embassy to attest documents)
  • 2.Demand letter
  • 3.Power of attorney
  • 4.Guarantee letter
  • 5.Employment contract for technical intern training
  • 6.Written Employment conditions and wage payment
  • 7.Outline of the supervising organizations
  • 8.Outline of the implementing organizations
  • 9.Tohon of supervising organizations
  • 10.Tohon of implementing organizations
  • 11.License ofsupervising organizations
  • 12.Report of previous status of Nepalese technical intern of the supervising organization and implementing organization ( 1Name of intern, 2Job category, 3Residence address, 4Salary, 5Date of arrival to Japan 6Contact number must be included.)
  • 13.Certificate of registered seal of supervising organization
  • 14.Certificate of registered seal of implementing organization
  • 15.Inter party agreement
  • 16.Sending organization’s Authority certificate for sending trainee workers to japan
  • 17. License of manpower issued by ministry of labour of Nepal
  • 18.PAN certificate of sending organization
  • *1~11. 14 and 15 must be the original (in the case of submitting copy of 9~11 or 16. It must have stamps on all pages)

    ** 14 and must be issued within three months prior to the submission

    ***17&18 are to be provided by the sending organization

  • 1. A set of documents are required for the demand of each implementing company
  • 2. Name, address, phone no, fax no and responsible person ( manager/chairman/president) of implementing organization must be mentioned in the demand letter among other things
  • 3. Japanese yen 36,000 in cash per set of documents
  • Note

  • Accommodation should be provided by the company on free cost. This should be clearly mentioned in demand letter and wage payment.
  • For the first time, maximum number of trainee to be demand of further number can be made.
  • Nepal Manpower Contact Personnel for JITCO

  • +977 9802020999